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Welcome to the Home of the I.W.C.
The International Waterlily Collection has been designated by the International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society as a premiere collection of lilies in existence. This collection is the life work of one man with the mind of a scientist, the heart of a poet and the soul that embodies preserving waterlily heritage for the generations to come. His name is Ken Landon. Ken is only able to display about 1/2 of 1% of the collection each year so there is always something new and wondrous to see.

Where does it exist?
The collection is displayed at Civic League Park in San Angelo, Texas in the United States of America. Directions to the Collection.

What will I see?
You'll see old favorites, new hybrids, lilies that may not exist anywhere else in the world, huge Victorias, the spectacular N. Blue Cloud and the first glimpse at new species material collected in the wild.

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LilyFest Information

We had hotels in San Angelo submit bids to lock in some rooms for LilyFest. There is an oil boom, a water pipeline and highway construction so the towns hotels stay at about 90% capacity even though new hotels go up every few months.

The Clarion was the best rate.
Clarion Hotel San Angelo
441 Rio Concho Drive
San Angelo 76903

Ask for the LilyFest rate of $119.
You can book this through September the 7th.
This rate is good from September 19th through the 21st.


LilyFest will have added events continuing after the noon hour.
There will be multiple seminars on How to Dry Flowers. 
Times right now are 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm. 
Cost is $10 and includes supplies  
to reserve a spot email        Pamela@sanangelo.org

There will be food available for purchase on site by a caterer or two after the morning events and possibly live music.
For the 1st time there will be waterlilies (live plants) for sale right out of the Collection. Bring some cash and go home with a beauty.

There will be other IWC related memorabilia for sale, right now we know of at least T-Shirts, hats. koozies etc. with IWC pictures and logos.
Plan your weekend now.


In addition to all of the LilyFest events, we are also operating in conjunction with the River Fest event.





Remember that we will have a selct few waterlilies for sale this Saturday. Here are a few that will be available.


Nymphaea 'Alexis'


Nymphaea 'Foxfire'

Tropic Punch

Nymphaea 'Tropic Punch'


The Pavilion was Completed 8-28-2014


New Pool, Pavilion and Misting System

After 20 years of work and planning, the new pool has been constructed. Thank you to everyone who was instrumental in playing a role to get us here. You all know who you are and it was an uphill battle to accomplish it against the Bureaucracy and Red Tape.


Here they are pouring the sidewalk for the new Pavilion.
Another exciting aspect for the IWC this year as part of the capital improvements.

A state of the art, cutting edge misting system that lowers the ambient temperature in the park by up to 20 degrees.
The first of its kind in any aquatic display anywhere.

It would not be the World Famous IWC without magnificently grown, specimen size waterlilies to admire along with Victorias.

Pool #7 below, currently displays over 180 hardy and intersubgenerics (ISGs) waterlilies resulting in a complete color spectrum. Victoria's are in constant bloom with largest leaves currently measuring 6 feet 8 inches.


IWC on Facebook

We are on Facebook now. If you have ever been to visit and are a fan of The International Waterlily Collection, please join our group. We hope that in this way you can share your photos, videos and personal experiences. This is a way for you, the fans of Ken's life's work to interact with the collection. We might even contact some of you for permissions to use your materials on our site to help spread information to the world about this fabulous place. You must be a member of Facebook to join but it is free and a way to see people who share your interests.

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