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Welcome to the Home of the I.W.C.
The International Waterlily Collection has been designated by the International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society as a premiere collection of lilies in existence. This collection is the life work of one man with the mind of a scientist, the heart of a poet and the soul that embodies preserving waterlily heritage for the generations to come. His name is Ken Landon. Ken is only able to display about 1/2 of 1% of the collection each year so there is always something new and wondrous to see.

Where does it exist?
The collection is displayed at Civic League Park in San Angelo, Texas in the United States of America. Directions to the Collection.

What will I see?
You'll see old favorites, new hybrids, lilies that may not exist anywhere else in the world, huge Victorias, the spectacular N. Blue Cloud and the first glimpse at new species material collected in the wild.

2014 Banner




It is Official!!! - The projects have been approved today.

We would like to thank the San Angelo City Council for making a wise decision that will further enrich the Collection and the City.
The project to remove the tree, to build the new pavilion and the final pool with the generous donation by the San Angelo Garden Club was approved in a 6 to 1 vote today.
The tree will be removed later this week and the projects will move forward very soon after that.
More details will be forthcoming but this is a day that has been in the making for over a decade and we are very pleased to make this announcement.

The following Council persons and Mayor voted for us and we want to say thank you on behalf of the Collection. Dwain Morrison (Mayor), Rodney Fleming (SMD1), Marty Self (SMD2), Johnny Silvas (SMD3), Don Vardeman (SMD4) and H.R. "Winkie" Wardlaw III (SMD5).

The sole dissenting vote came from Charlotte Farmer (SMD6). We are sorry that she did not see fit to vote to help the city through the additional tourism and tax dollars that will come from the visitor's to the IWC.

From Today's Agenda
21. Consideration of approving matters related to improvements at Civic League Park to support the operation of the International Water Lily Collection:
a. Consideration of adopting a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to authorize removal of a large live oak tree encroaching upon the City of San Angelo Civic League Park aquatic plant basins; accepting an endowment for improvements to the City of San Angelo Civic League Park for the benefit of the public from the San Angelo Garden Club; authorizing the City Manager to execute a license and access agreement for installation of said improvements; and authorizing the City Manager to provide for a dedication plaque to be displayed on park premises, in accordance with City of San Angelo dedication plaque protocol
b. Consideration of adopting a Resolution approving a “First Amended Aquatic Plants Specialist Agreement” to amend the term of the original “Aquatics Plants Specialist Agreement” dated November 17, 2009, said amended term commencing November 1, 2009 and ending October 31, 2019; authorizing the City Manager to execute said “First Amended Aquatics Plants Specialist Agreement”

Irene Meitzen and the San Angelo Garden Club

It is through the extreme generosity, support and friendship from Irene and the entire San Angelo Garden Club that this project is moving forward. The endowment and the tenacity of Irene is what helped push this project through the City Council.



Remembering Special Friends

We would like to recognize some special people that have left this life in the last couple of weeks.

Dr. Slearmlarp "Sam" Wasuwat

Dr. Sam as he was known here in the Western Hemisphere was a pioneer in waterlily hybridization in Thailand. His work on the plants, books, teaching and mentoring leave a legacy that will stand against the test of time.

Mrs. Laura Lee Davis

My mother was one of the kindest people to ever grace the earth. My appreciation for nature and beauty was instilled in me by her. She will be missed everyday but I know she is watching over all the beautiful gardens that I tend to.


2014 Winter Cleaning 

Here in Texas most people think it is sunny and 100 degrees all the time. Unfortunately that is not the case. Most of the year is truly hot and dry but San Angelo has a winter just like everywhere else. This has been a truly cold year so a visit to the Collection now is not advisable as there is not really anything blooming.
Now is the time to clean the pools and get ready for the coming Spring. It takes a lot of hard work to empty the pools, repot all of the plants and get the Collection ready for you our loyal visitors. It may be some time before we really get back to normal as we have the pool expansion project set to start this spring.
Check out what is going on in the Collection here and on our Facebook page. In fact, our Facebook page is updated in real time so if you have not liked us yet, click the link to the right and do so. It is a lot of hard work cleaning the pools but someone has to do it so here is the darling of the Collection's, Allison really getting to work with the water hose.


New Banners for 2013 

Here you can see some banners that Ken had made for the LilyFest 2013.
They were made by our great supporter, Mr. Jim Bean.
They were all pics I have taken over the last year or so but seeing them 6 to 12 feet across was really impressive. The picture at the bottom of the new 2014 banner above shows them during LilyFest from the top of the hill going towards the Rose Gardens. You can see them on the bottom right as they were hanging on the misting system poles.



New Waterlily Dedications and Introductions for 2013 

Here you can see images of the new waterlilies that were introduced and named for various people by Ken Landon. These were dedicated to the recipients during LilyFest in September of 2013.




The IWC and San Angelo are both growing

Hello IWC friends and patrons. Beginning in February construction begins on a capital improvement approved by the San Angelo City Council, comprising of the final display pool and a pavilion at the IWC site. This generous donation is funded by the original IWC sponsor, the San Angelo Garden Club.
Along this same line, several new hotels are under construction in San Angelo. As an example please note the ongoing construction of the new Baymont Inn and Suites, just a few blocks from the IWC. Anyone who has gone to San Angelo in the last few years knows that it is sometimes hard to get a hotel with all of the growth that the area is experiencing.
The beautiful palm trees are supplied by Martin Farris of San Angelo Cold Hardy Palms and Cycads. Mr. Farris a good friend and long time supporter of IWC is a foremost authority on palms in the San Angelo area. His choice of Sabal palms will assure many years of beauty for this hotel.
Please come and join us for Lily Fest September 20th.
Photo of Baymont Inn and Suites permission of co-owner Jeff Atkinson.


2nd Annual New Waterlily Competition Results

Sponsored by International Waterlily Collection and World Waterlily and Lotus Association

The International Waterlily Collection hosted our Second Annual Waterlily Competition and here is a link to the page with the results.

I know you have all been waiting patiently for the announcement from the IWC and WWALA New Waterlily Competition for 2013.
We have gotten the results back from the judges around the world and I am excited to share the winners.
We are just awaiting confirmation of a few names for some of the entries that may be updated over the next few days but I know you are all anxious to see some of the plants of the future.

I would like to update everyone on some information about the "OUTSTANDING" contest entries from this year. Although we are going into winter time we do want to let you know that all of these contest entries from this year will be on display at the collection when in warms back up in the spring of 2014. Ken has pulled almost all of them to protected environments at this point but the Master Hybridizers who created these amazing plants have been kind enough to let us show them again next season.



IWC on Facebook

We are on Facebook now. If you have ever been to visit and are a fan of The International Waterlily Collection, please join our group. We hope that in this way you can share your photos, videos and personal experiences. This is a way for you, the fans of Ken's life's work to interact with the collection. We might even contact some of you for permissions to use your materials on our site to help spread information to the world about this fabulous place. You must be a member of Facebook to join but it is free and a way to see people who share your interests.

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